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Glass Recycling and Repair

DRY ERASE BOARDS: Alamo Glass always has a selection of 1/4" tempered dry erase boards at a deep discount, call and give us a size, and we will try to accomodate you.
GLASS REPAIR: Alamo Glass cannot remove scratches or repair broken glass items such as table tops or shelves in any capacity. We can replace them. We do not cut bottles, but we can and will drill holes in them unless the glass is too thick. We can sand sharp areas of broken vases, bowls, etc., at no charge. We do not glue glass to glass; this process requires a UV process that we are not set up for.
AUTO MIRRORS: Alamo Glass can repair side view mirrors for autos, but we only work with flat glass, and we will not remove the frame from your vehicle. We do not repair rear view mirrors. 
RECYCLING: Alamo Glass does not take recycle glass, we will take old mirrors, window glass etc., if we are replacing your glass, and will dispose of it at no charge.